C/ del Almirante, 3, 46003, Valencia

Almirante Arab Baths were built in the early Fourteenth century by Pere de Vilarasa. It is one of the most important places in Valencia, since they are Christian bathrooms built on the model of Muslim baths, with cold, warm and hot rooms. Almirante Arab Baths are located next to Almirante of Aragon Palace, in the center of Valencia, and they are the only Arab baths remaining of the 10 that formerly existed in the city.

Almirante Arab Baths were restored during the Nineteenth Century, adding neo-Moorish style ornaments, which were removed later in 1963 to restore its original state.

Almirante Arab Baths are one of the places to visit in Valencia that you cannot miss!


Tue - Sat; 9:30 a.m a 02:00 p.m; 05:30 p.m - 08:00 p.m ; Sun 9:30 a.m a 14:00


Free Entrance