A list of 10 secret places, businesses or activities that everyone has to visit in Valencia

You’ve probably already seen what Valencia is famous for- The City of Arts and Sciences, the city center, and everything else.   If you think you’ve already seen everything in Valencia, or you just want to check out the lesser-known attractions, then you will find these peculiar and hidden places of the city perfect for you.

Cinestudio d´Or

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On Almirante Cadarso 31, this cinematic jewel is found.  Not all cities in Spain can boast this- this cinema differs from the rest because it offers two films in continuous session at a price of 3.5 € during the week and 4.5 € during the weekend.

Museo del Silencio

Museo del silencioThis is an open-air museum located in the cemetery of Valencia. It is a route that teaches you about the tombs, graves, and mausoleums of famous people that the city of Valencia has had. If you want to know more about the illustrious characters of the city, go to the Museo del Silencio any Saturday at 11:00am.

Sleep with Sharks

Dormir con tiburones


L´Oceanogràfic every Friday (except for holidays) offers a unique experience for children. Families with children or school groups can enjoy the adventure of spending a night in Europe’s largest aquarium- right inside the tunnel of shark tanks. Come sleep with sharks- if you dare!





 Heladería Llinares

heladeria-linares-valencia1This ice cream shop located in the Plaza de la Reina in Valencia offers a large number of ice creams that cannot be tasted everywhere. Lentil ice cream, donut or cucumber flavor are some of the flavors you can try if you visit this ice cream shop in Valencia.





La cotorra y el pajarito

veleta mercadoThe Cott of the Mercat is a weather vane located in the Central Market. The pardal of Sant Joan is the weather vane that we can see in the Santos Juanes. In many Valencian writings, called sainets, a dialogue is established between both weather vanes while they observe the city. Take advantage of the visit to this emblematic market in Valencia, located in the historic center of the city in El Carmen, and stop by one of the restaurants in El Carmen to recharge your batteries on this route through the most unknown Valencia.

Chocolatería Valor

Chocolateria ValorIn the place they have in the Plaza de la Reina in Valencia, if you go up to the top, you can taste the famous Valor chocolates with incredible views of the Cathedral of Valencia and other emblematic monuments of Valencia. A visit that you must add in your list of chocolate shops in Valencia.

Santo Grial

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According to Aragonese tradition, it identifies the Holy Grail, with the chalice that is located in the Chapel of the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia. If you have not yet seen this emblematic relic of Valencia, don’t wait any longer!




El edificio más estrecho

Image result for El edificio más estrechoIn the Lope de Vega Square, they say that the narrowest building in Spain and Europe is located. The building is 105 centimeters wide and consists of five height; Each with its window. The photo here is required.





Valencia de Sorolla

Image result for valencia joaquin sorolla paintingsThe artist marked and left his mark in different parts of the city of Valencia. Through the Sorolla Route you will be able to discover all the passions and places of the painter. Maybe you still didn’t know that Joaquín Sorolla went down to the beach in Valencia to paint many of his paintings.