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Colon Market, in Spanish “Mercado de Colón”, was designed and built between 1914 and 1916 by architect Francisco Mora Berenguer. It was rebuilt in 2003 at a cost of over 30 million euros with the addition of multiple shops to its facilities.

This old market was designed to meet the needs of the beginning of the century. It is one of the few pure modernist buildings in Valencia and is also considered a National Monument.

The influence of the architects Lluis Domenech i Montaner and the great Antoni Gaudí are clearly visible throughout the entire Colon Market. This building is considered one of the main monuments of Valencia because of its two main facades and two side-lane facade that give this design more uniqueness. The main facade combines pure modernist design with local touches. Colon Market has three sections: two sections measuring 7.7 meters on each side and the one main section measuring around 20 meters.

Its closeness to Cirilo Amoros Street and location near shops and restaurants have allowed Colon Market to remain fully active since its construction in the beginning of the century.

If you haven’t discovered yet the charm of Valencia, it’s because you still haven’t seen Colon Market, another best place to visit in Valencia.


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