The Post Office of Valencia is a restored beauty of the old world that still functions to this day.

Pza. Ayuntamiento, 24, 46002, Valencia +34 902 197 197

The Valencia Post Office, in Spanish “Edificio de Correos“, is popularly known as the “Palacio de Comunicaciones” and was built by architect Miguel Angel Navarro in 1922.

The Post Office Building is constructed in a modernist style and has since added hints of other popular architectonic styles like classicism and baroque.

The five special statues at the building’s entrance give the building distinction. Each statue symbolizes an allegory of the communication world.

For many years, the Valencia Post Office has been under restoration since its facade was partially damaged and under a bad state of conservation. Up until recently the final repairs were completed and the “Palacio de Comunicaciones” can now be enjoyed in its entirity.


If you want to discover the cultural charm of Valencia, visit the Post Office Building it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed.


Mon-Fri: 8:30-08:30 p.m. Sat: 9:30-01:00 p.m.


Free Entrance