Rice is an essential product from Valencia, so discover the rice fields and the rice museum in the Community of Valencia

There are many things to do in Valencia and many things left to discover. Explore the sides of the city you didn’t know existed by taking a tour in Valencia. One of them is this rice tour in Valencia.

Valencia is most famous for one product: its rice. With its international reputation, the Valencian rice was developed in the Community of Valencia and has given an enormous cultural experience to the places where the growing- and producing of rice is practiced.

Ruta del Arroz en Valencia

The paella in Valencia is the most famous dish in the country, in which the rice stands out for being the main ingredient. While traveling through the community of Valencia, you will realize the big impact this dish that was founded in this area of Spain has on the Mediterranean gastronomy. Dishes with rice are classic Valencian dishes: arroz caldoso (broth and rice), paella de marisco (paella with fish), arroz al horno (oven-baked rice), arroz al senyoret (‘gentlemen rice’), etc.

If you are going to visit the city of Valencia, an essential part of the trip is the rice tour in Valencia. Love Valencia has a few places that you definitely need to visit:

  • Dunes of the canopy of Cullera. A dune land area that goes from the Mareny de San Lorenzo to the Cullera lighthouse. It is an area in which you can enjoy a great diversity of natural habitats.
  • Marjales de sueca. To get access to this area without missing the best thing is to leave from El Perelló, a municipality in Valencia, and get on the road to Muntanyeta dels Sants. From there, you can discover the different agricultural roads in that area.
  • Estany de la Plana. In this area you have a wetland. To get here, you need to get on the same road towards Muntanyeta dels Sants, pass the depuradora and after, you turn to the right and you will find the Estany de la Plana. A place where you can observe waterfowls.
    • Rice Museum: The ancient Serra Mill in Valencia has been transformed into the Rice Museum in Valencia.
    • Central Market: Visit the different stands, enjoy the many colorful aspects the Central Market in Valencia offers you and discover the exclusive and original products from Spain. They also know everything about rice there.
    • Albufera: Get to visit the rice fields in Valencia, sail along the the saltwater lake and explore the beautiful nature you can find here.