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Quart Towers, in Spanish “Torres de Quart,” are one of the twelve gates of the once ancient wall that surrounded the old city of Valencia.

The name “Torres de Quart” comes from the tower’s location, since they are halfway between the city center and a village called Quart de Poblet. Quart Towers have a gothic military style, similar to the Naple Castle Towers in Italy. Here we find the same architectural style as in other Italian cities such as the city of Genoa.

Throughout history, Quart Towers had many different names ranging from “Puerta de la Cal” to “Quarte Portal”. These towers served as defence mechanisms for Valencia and have since suffered the effects of the War of Independence against France (visible impacts of gun shots still remain on the wall), the War of Succession, and the Spanish Civil War.

Quart Towers were one of the main entrances to the city for travelers from Castile. They were built in the Fifteenth Century (between 1441 and 1460) by Francesc Baldomar and Pere Compte, with small contributions from Jaume Pérez and Thomas Oller.

If you are looking for places to visit in Valencia, go and see Quart Towers.


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