Every year in March, many tourists from all over the world gather in Valencia to experience the Fallas in Valencia. Read further to find out about the program

actos de fallas 2017Fallas in Valencia are what makes the city special. Every year, many tourists come visit Valencia from the 15th until the 19th of March to experience the Fallas in Valencia for themselves. After reading about the Fallas in Valencia in general, you can now find out all about the festivities that happen from the 15th of March on and discover the program of the Fallas in Valencia.

While the official start of the Fallas in Valencia is the 15th of March, the first festivities already start at the beginning of the month. At the 1st of March, The Fallas are being kicked off with fireworks at Plaza Ayuntamiento and every other day until the ending of the Fallas in Valencia, there is a firework show at exactly 14:00. Other than that, everyday there is the so called La Despertà, which is a wake-up call. Every day at 8:00 in the morning you will hear marching bands that wake you up to get you ready for another fun day.

As already mentioned before, the official start of this holiday is the 15th of March and the official festivities are kicked off with the so called plantà, which represents the beginning of the events. The plantà starts off with a chupinazo, which is a loud bang that welcomes the Fallas in Valencia. Just like there is a plantà, there is also a cremà (cremation) to symbolize the ending of the festivities, which have been going on for many days already, at the 19th of March.

There are a lot of things going on from the 15th till the 19th of March. Each day, there are different events that takeplace. At the 17th and 18th of March, there is a parade in which members of all the Falla Committees walk from their neighborhood to Plaza de la Virgin to offer flowers to the patron saint of Valencia, la Virgen de Los Desamparados. This happening is called the Ofrenda de Flores (offering of flowers).

Programa Nit del Foc 2016Another event on the 17th of March is the prize-giving. On this day, the Falleras and their committees go to Plaza Ayuntamiento to receive their prize. In the days before, the jury takes a look at every single Falla in order to make a good decision.

At the 18th of March, there is also the Nit del Foc. The literal translation of Nit del Foc is the Night of Fire. During this night, the biggest firework show of the event – and maybe even the year – takes place. The last day of the Fallas in Valencia, is definitely worth visiting. As stated before, the cremà takes place on this day. The cremà is a real cremation at which all the Fallas go up in flames.

Fallas in Valencia are an extraordinary event in the city that everyone should experience for themselves at least once in their life. No event in the world is as special, outstanding and loud as the Fallas in Valencia.