The Bioparc Valencia, situated in the city’s Cabecera Park, is a new-generation style of zoo and another perfect item on the list of things to do in Valencia with children. Created from the concept of a zoo immersion exhibit, visitors are completely submerged into the natural habitats of the animals; this allows visitors to get to know intimately the behavioral habits and surroundings of the animals. The enclosures that include various species allows you to make the most out of this real life experience that can only be appreciated in the wild.

A visit to the Bioparc Valencia will become a journey; making you look upon natural beauty and the wild animals that live among those surroundings. Enjoy this unique experience that is constantly changing and adapting, from day to day and season to season.

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Bioparc Valencia Animals

Animals in Bioparc Valencia Spain Bioparc Valencia is a zoo that is openly aware of the necessity to preserve the original ecosystems of each species. The park has achieved to reproduce four of the main ecosystems in the world.

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Bioparc Valencia Prices and tickets

Bioparc Valencia Animals
Plan ahead your visit to Bioparc Valencia by viewing the prices and special offers. Discounts are available for children, the elderly and groups.

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Bioparc Valencia Opening Times

Animals in Bioparc Valencia Spain Thinking of visiting Bioparc Valencia? Have a look at the Bioparc timetables to check the opening and closing times to make sure that you don’t miss out!

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Bioparc Valencia Map

Elefant Bioparc Valencia Spain Bioparc Valencia has a range of different zones and things to see! Have a look at which parts of the world you can be transported to and download the Bioparc map here.

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How to get Bioparc Valencia

Not sure how to get to Bioparc Valencia? Take a look at our directions to plan your visit, whether you are coming by car, train or bus. There are even walking routes for those who want to explore the city better.

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