Discover where to find the best gluten free restaurants in Valencia

After enough cerveza and bread, Spain can seem like it has a huge red X over it for any visitor looking for quality gluten-free food.  But don’t count out this carb-loving country quite yet; and much less the city of Valencia.  For in this city, there is such a thing as the “Club de Restauración para Celíacos” , a network of more than 70 restaurants spread throughout Alicante, Valencia and Castellón that guarantee that Celiacs and all “gluten-freers” are safe to go out for all the cerveza and bread they can handle- and if you’re looking for more restaurants in Valencia, check out this unmissable Eating in Valencia Survival GuideGluten free restaurants in Valencia just got easier.


Photo by Nacho D.

Malkebien is part of “Club de Restauración para Celiacos” in the community of Valencia, .  At Malkebien some of the most common dishes are fish, soups, desserts, and a wide selection of wines. You’ll have no problem finding gluten-free options here as Malkebien is known as a hotspot for people looking for a gluten-free meal in Valencia. Don’t settle for your third night of paella and come enjoy this restaurant full of options for you!

Location: Calle Santo Domingo Savio 39, Valencia.

La Pappardella

La Pappardella is one of the best Italian restaurants in Valencia.  Gluten free Italian food in Valencia seems like a dream come true.  La Pappardella (the name is a type of pasta) has an entire menu just for gluten-free food: pastas, breads, and even chocolate cake.  Ask for the gluten-free menu and they will take care of any questions you may have.  This is the ultimate gluten-free Italian restaurant in Valencia, and probably the entire universe.

Location: Calle de Bordadores 5, Valencia.

Casa Manolo

This restaurant is located on the beach of Daimús, a city in the community of Valencia close to Gandia (About an hour south of Valencia in car or train).  The restaurant received its first Michelín Star in 2014, and thankfully offers dishes without gluten, like salad with bacalao and mango dressing, red shrimp in sea water, and creamy cauliflower rice. Casa Manolo also belongs to the “Club de Restauración para Celiacos” in the community of Valencia.  Enjoy this authentic Michelín Star restaurant with some incredible gluten-free options.  Bonus: discover all of Valencia’s best restaurants on the beach here!

Location: Paseo Marítimo 5, Daimús (Valencia)

Cami Vell

Cami Vell is in Alzira, 45 minutes south of Valencia by car.  The restaurant is located by the beach (just like these unmissable beaches in Valencia).  The majority of the dishes on the menu are suitable for celiacs. Whether you are gluten-free or not, this places deserves a visit. Rice dishes, meats, and for dessert: fruit and cheese with a drizzled sweet grape syrup- these are just a few examples of what’s gluten-free on the menu.  The atmosphere at this restaurant is comfy, familiar, and nice.  Don’t hesitate to make the drive to Cami Vell, the food will keep you coming back for more.

Location: Calle de Colón 51, Alzira (Valencia).