Rennovated in 2012 Plaza Redonda is a unique piece of Valencian architecture. The rennovations invited crafts stores and tapas bars and now Plaza Redonda is one of the most vibrant ways of exploring the Valencian City.

The structure was originally created in the mid 1800s. The area has had a huge influence on the people of Valencia as a market for buying and fish and meat. These days the more known Mercado Central (central market) is a number popular destination but Plaza Redonda should not be missed!

The name Plaza Redonda is today’s not so creative way of expressing the architecture, but the locals used to call it “El Cot”. El Cot in Spanish means the hole. If you are looking for a true experience meeting Valencian’s who know the city in their hearts look no further. Most morning you can join a knitting circle with elderly women who would glady teach you what went wrong.

Follow the link above to discover Plaza Redonda. It usually opens from 9 to 21:00