There are more to tomatoes thank you think! Check out these fun facts.

A curiosity in itself, La Tomatina has other fun facts that make it even more interesting. It’s one of the most celebrated festival’s in Valencia. Here are a few that contribute to the festival’s absurdity.

  • The group Malsujeto has written and dedicated a song solely to La Tomatina for sharing the same hometown of Bunol.malsujeto
  • Tomatoes are a disinfectant. After the battle your skin will be cleansed of impurities.
  • Other small towns such as in Colombia and China have adopted the idea of the Tomatina and celebrate the day in their own version.
  • Bunol has become one of the most popular places to visit over the summer thanks to the tomato.tomatina google
  • Google has recognized this Spanish festival and has created its own banner celebrating La Tomatina.
  • The majority of the participants wear white to see how significantly the tomatoes changed their clothes before and after