A list of beaches in and around Valencia where pups are allowed to roam free and wild.

This summer is calling and the dogs are running. The variety of beaches in Valencia range from nudist beaches to not so nudist beaches. On most of these beaches it is frowned upon in Valencia to bring pets but that is why we have a post just about beaches for pets.

Even for pet beaches in Valencia we have quite the variety. Perhaps you are looking to stay within the city or head out of town for a day trip from Valencia the choices are endless.

Travel to these places can be a little bit challenging especially with our furry friends. Considering hiring a car in valencia. Regardless, the options for beaches that allow pets are quite vast and we have a list that works its way down the coast from Castellon to Alicante.

Beach de AiguaolivaBeaches for dogs, Vinaròs (Castellón)

This is a beach for dogs near Valencia. The area is incredibly relaxed and inviting filled with sand, pebbels and gravel areas. This beach for dogs is located in the south of Vinaròs.

Besides the general sanitary rules (bring your poop baggies!) in Valencia there are no specific rules that we need to pay attention to here as with other beaches in Valencia.

Beach El Brosquil, Cullera (Valencia)

The dog beach of Cullera is a surprisingly calm and restful beach in Valencia. Unlike most, this over 2 kilometers long of pristine beach in Valencia to watch the sun rise on. The beach is perfect for playing games and letting your dogs run loose. Its easy to get to and the entire family can enjoy.

Beach Can/Beach L’Ahuir, Gandia (Valencia)

The Can beach is an area of the Playa l’Ahuir beach of Gandia. The Can Beach is a beautiful pristine sandy coast open exclusively to dog watchers. When doing to this beach keep in mind that there are some rules to comply with.

  1. Dogs are not allowed on the first few meters of the beach, keep this area clear for sunbathers
  2. Dogs must be on leashes on sand, leashes can be removed when in the sea
  3. Owners must carry and use bags for excrement

Escollera Norte Beach, Dénia (Alicante)

This beach is found on the quaint beach of Denia. In 2016 it was declared by the local municipality as a beach for pets. As it is quite new you can imagine an incredibly clean beach and as in the port area it has very calm waters for enjoyment. The beach has a lot of facilities ready for visitors to eat. If you are making the trip to Denia for the beach, be aware that Denia is home to the famous Quique Dacoste a three Michelin star restaurant in Valencia.

Playa Punta del Riu Sec, El Campello (Alicante)

campelloLocated at the mouth of the river Seco this beach is a wonderful invitation for dog walkers between Carrer la Mar and la Playa Muchavista. This beach for pets is even equipped with a 500m dog park. Its advised to bring vaccination documents and to adhere to common courtesy.




Beach Canina de Pinedo, Valencia

This beach for pets in Valencia is one of the exclusive beaches found within the city of Valencia. More precisely this beach is found in the area close to the port. It is a large quite beach ideal for enjoyment during the summer days. The beach for pets is only available during the summer from 15 June to 30th of August. The rest of the year pets are forbidden on this beach!


Other beaches for pets in the vicinity of Valencia are

  • The beach of Mar and Montana in Altea,
  • The Caleta Els Gossests in Santa Pola
  • The beach of El Xarco in Villajoysa
  • The beach of Aguamarga in Alicante

We are sure that you will enjoy one of the pet beaches in Valencia but undoubtedly not as much as your pups. Travelling out of the city can be a hassle, here are our tips on driving in Valencia, and car hire in Valencia.