The night of San Juan in Valencia is in short a massive celebration on the beach. The 23rd of June marks the longest day and (to no surprise) the shortest night of the Gregorian calendar. The night of San Juan is celebrated in many Spanish speaking regions but in Spain the Catalans and Valencians literally take the torch.

Traditions of the night of San Juan

Night of Saint JohnHome to an endless supply of events, you can not walk a block without finding things to do in Valencia. Its common to see people dancing and celebrating through the streets during the San Juan celebrations just as much as it is sharing stories around campfires in Valencia.

The night of San Juan in Valencia is not just any celebration it truly is a get together of people from all walks of life. Here we sit, talk, connect and express what we are looking forward to and protect those around us. A celebration to be had with strangers and your closest friends in Valencia.

Bonfires of San Juan

St. John eveThe night of San Juan‘s celebrations can last a week in some regions, each emphasising their favourite parts of the tradition. In cities like Altea (in Alicante) and in Valencia we head out through the streets breathing life into the city’s restaurants and tapas venues. At 00:00 on the 24th of June be ready to watch the bonfire blaze with thousands on the beach in Valencia.

How to get to the beaches in Valencia.

San Juan bonfire Valencia 2017

Beach in ValenciaAt this time we have not been able to receive concrete information about the night of San Juan in Valencia 2017. Check back shortly and we will update this as soon as we can.

As far as the previous years have gone, the celebrations can last till the break of dawn.



Pagan traditions in SpainSan Juan (Saint John in English)  is a pagan celebration to ward off evil spirits by lighting up the beach in Valencia. The name comes from Saint John the Baptist. The San Juan traditions have received further influences from other religious corners which leaves it’s story up to some interpretation.

Undoubtedly the night of San Juan is related to the worship of the sun as it is at the summer solstice. Interestingly also the day of San Juan happens to be six months before Christmas.

Night of San Juan in Alicante

Travelling around Valencia but would still like to participate? Alicante is famous for pristine beaches and incredible food. The night of San Juan in Alicante 2017 is Alicante’s most celebrated event, even more than in Valencia.

In Alicante the celebration dates back to 1822 when farmers symbolized burning material to protect their crops from evil spirits on the summer solstice. They believed that evil spirits came with longer nights – indeed winter is coming. In 1928, Jose Maria Py advocated the use of these fires as a tourist attraction. Eventually this brought light to Alicante in Spain. Nowadays the celebration is known all over the world.

During the Night of San Juan in Alicante 2017 you will find a huge array of events from fireworks, parades, to open castles and flower offerings.

Either through campfires and chats on the beach in Valencia or in and throughout the streets in Alicante, feel welcomed to enjoy the night of San Juan in Valencia this summer.