Are you in Valencia and do you need to do a grocery shopping? Here you can find a list of the cheapest supermarkets in Valencia.


In this supermarkets, there is a wide range of products, also offering home-based service, you can find it in several areas of the center, but it is closed during public holidays.


Mercadona is excellent for celiacs, it is among the less expensive supermarkets in Valencia. Its fishmonger offers a wide choice and if you arrive, when the supermarket is about to close, you can find evening offers.


It’s difficult to find it in the old town, it is one of the few supermarket chains that remains open even on Sundays until 9pm.


Along with Mercadona, it’s one of the most favorite supermarkets among students and workers, as it also offers many snacks for lunch. Closed during the holidays.


Ecomercat is the most favorite grocery store by vegetarian and vegan. At low prices it offers fresh and quality products. It also organizes workshops on interesting topics such as nature, health and sports. You find it in Av. De Blasco Ibáñez, 66.