Discover the beautiful nature in Alboraya by taking this tour through the greenway of Valencia

There are many things to do in Valencia. If you want to get away from the crowded city for a moment and if you want to do a tour in Valencia that is a bit different, we have all the information you need in order to discover the greenways in Valencia in which you can enjoy the nature. Discover the unique and rich nature of the Valencian greenways.

These tours in Valencia are all in the municipality of Alboraya. The landscape is what characterizes Alboraya.

TOUR 1: 

Leave from Ca Roc (Paseo de Aragón, in the area of Ausias March) to get to Pont del Moro (Paseo de Aragón). The tour can be done in in one hour and is not very difficult. You can either do this tour by foot, by riding a bike and even by riding a horse.

In this tour, you can get to know the three most symbolic farmhouses of Alboraya on firsthand, which are still impressive, even though they are very old.


The beginning and the ending of this tour are the same: la Casa de Cultura José Peris Aragó. The tour is not that difficult and is approximately two kilometers long and takes about two hours. You can follow this tour on a bike. In this journey, you can enjoy a nice stroll along the Carraixet ravine or you can enjoy the urban pieces in the city by taking a nice stroll along all the beautifully decorated facades.


This tour starts at the Puente del Camí de les Vinyes (close to the Carraixet Ravine) and ends in the Parque and Ermita del Peixets. The route is about two kilometers long which you can do in one hour, as the tour is not very hard. You can either ride your bicycle or a horse. You can enjoy a stroll between the farms and the Carraixet Ravine.


You leave from Motor del Gaiato to eventually get to the Barraca Didáctia. The tour is about 1.800 meters which you will cover in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The tour is not that hard and you can either cover it by bike or by horse. Follow this route if you like to discover the traditional sides and if you want to discover the beautiful parts of the greenways in Valencia, accompanied by the sound of the water that runs through the channels.

TOUR 5: 

Leave to get to Barraca Didáctica. The tour is about 2,5 kilometers long and takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can either cover this tour by bike or by horse. If you want to visit the stalls, you need to make an appointment on forehand. This route really shows the most characteristic parts of Alboraya, such as the greenway and the Carraixet Ravine.

If you want to enjoy more of the nature in Valencia, there are many parks and gardens in Valencia in which you can take a stroll and enjoy the view.