Jardins del Turia is one of the most inviting attractions in Valencia. Home to the City of Arts and Sciences, the bioparc and endless opportunities for things to do with friends, yogis, runners, and bird watchers, welcome!

The Turia park in Valencia is an urban park situated around the city center. The park spans approximately 7 kilometers notably stretching from the City of Arts and Science to the Bioparc. The Turia Park Valencia is one of the biggest attractions in Valencia and one of the most visited parks in Spain. What is unique to the Valencia park is that each section is like being in a new park. This makes it perfect for evening runs, cycling, yoga classes, acroyoga, slacklining, sight seeing, bird watching, skateboarding, playgrounds for children and more.

History Lesson!

After the great flood in 1957 the Spanish government planned to reroute the river and create an overpass. After much delegation they decided to turn it into a park instead, the result is the Jardínes  del turia.

We are in the process of centralizing all the activities in the Valencia park that are open to the public. Be it sports, arts and crafts, cultural, or events let us know.

Please contact about activities in the turia park Valencia at [email protected].

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