English accessible yoga classes in the Túria, Valencia: Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini. Laugh, flow, experience, glow.

Looking to practice yoga in Valencia? Valencia is a wonderful place to do this with many different There are many studios where you can sign up to do Yoga but if you are coming from a place where the is no sun – we imagine you could look for some opportunities outside!

The Túria (river) in Valencia has many activities from climbing to running, biking, and is even home to Valencia’s famous oceanographic. Enjoy nature while Yoga-ing throughout the week or weekend, consider practicing yoga in Valencia with some of the city’s finest teachers. Clearly language can be a barrier so we know a few who offer classes in English.

Classes range from Hatha yoga, Kundailini, to Vinyasa flows. Levels vary from teacher to teacher but we assure you all classes are accessible. Depending on the teacher the classes can be English or in Spanish (its usually quite easy to follow – inhalamos, exhalemos). Here are our top three Yoga classes in the Turia, Valencia.

Vinyasa yoga in the túria, Valencia

Yoga with Jennsion is an English-speaking Yoga class in the túria, Valencia. Her lessons are a perfect blend of Hatha and Vinyasa meaning she knows exactly how to ‘hit a pose’ and guide you to it. Expect a kind hug, to flow with humour, and to be charmed by her grace. Her túria yoga class is donation based and near the city of arts and sciences.

Classes are often mid-afternoon. With summer beating the swear out of us her classes are in the evenings on Sunday evenings but contact her on Whatsapp to make sure +(34) 661 58 56 53.

Kundalini Yoga in the túria, Valencia

For those unfamiliar with Kundalini, it is said to be the yogic path to enlightenment. Kundalini practices are comprised of sets of exercises known as Kriyas and aim to move stuck energy. Myriam is a 500Hr Kundalini teacher with a deep understanding of how to move energy beyond anyone we have met. She offers an hour and a half of yoga class in the túria on Mondays and Wednesday usually around 19:30. Her classes are primarily in Spanish but adapts perfectly to English when asked. You can expect a personal group and if you stick around potentially some acroyoga.

If you are looking for some Yoga in the túria, Valencia we would highly recommend seeing what Myriam has in store +(34) 685 20 92 77. She prefers to conduct her Yoga in the túria near Ponte del Real, see below.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is often called the traditional style of Yoga. Hatha yoga brings with it a true understanding of each pose and how they are designed to engage your body. Valencia Consciento (Valencia Consciousness) often offers a free yoga class in the túria. Although classes are in Spanish they make sure to have a demonstrator throughout the practice. Their classes are incredibly well structured, well placed adjustments and clear articulation. We’d recommend getting their early to get a good spot because this is quite a popular class.

Check their website regularly for their schedule updates. http://www.valenciaconsciente.com. Their preferred location is also at the Ponte del Real.

More to come!

We would like to stay as informed as possible, if you know giving yoga classes in the túria in English keep us posted. Contact us through Tourism@lovevalencia.com so we can add to this special list of yoga classes in the túria.