As from 19:00 on the 19th of March, fire will flood the streets of Ruzafa and Colón with the Cabalgata del Fuego to kick off the Cremà

Besides the Ninot parade (Cabalgata del Ninot) that takes place during the Fallas in Valencia, there is also a Cabalgata del Fuego or a Cavalcada del Foc – a fire parade. This event takes place in Valencia on the 19th of March. It starts at 19:00 and the parade starts at Ruzafa and Colón. From there, they parade to la Porta de la Mar.

The Cabalgata del Fuego represents the fire that arouses excitement by people, since it is the same night as the Cremà, when all the Fallas get burned down. There are floats, big pieces of mechanisms, people that are dressed up, fireworks, music, etc. The fire is the essence of this extravaganza.

Don’t hesitate and take a look at the program of the Fallas in Valencia, to find out what is happening more during those 5 days in March!

Cavalcata del fuoco, drago