From the 1st of March till the 19th of March the Fallas are celebrated with a Mascletà at Plaza Ayuntamiento, always at 14:00

Valencia is the city of fireworks and firecrackers. Every year during the Fallas in Valencia, the use of this gunpowder reaches a new peak because of the so-called Mascletà. This mascletà is a noisy, smoky and colorful spectacle where thousands of people come to, every day at Plaza Ayuntamiento at 14:00. If  you don’t want to miss anything of the Fallas, check out the program of the Fallas in Valencia.

mascleta1Different pyrotechnics in Valencia participate in a mascletà. In Valencia, the most well-known pyrotechnics arethose of Caballer; a big family with many generations, who are all dedicated to managing the gunpowder and the artificial fireworks.

gente partecipa alla mascletàThe mascletà is the favorite happening during the Fallas of most people in Valencia. A mascletà starts when the Fallera mayor of Valencia gives a sign

It has a duration of 5 to 7 minutes. It depends on the amount of the gunpowder that is available then. If the firework show is considered excellent, the audience applauds the pyrotechnic.

From the 1st of March until the 19th of March, you can enjoy this great Valencian tradition.

Don’t doubt and take a look at the main program of the Fallas in Valencia.