The Fallas in Valencia always end at the 19th of March with the cremà: a cremation at which all the fallas go up in flames

The Fallas in Valencia are a big event in the city of Valencia. This event is spread out over 5 days and every day, another extravaganza is highlighted. The program of the Fallas in Valencia consists of many activities and if you want to find more about the final happening, the cremà, then definitely read further.

cremaCremà is the Spanish word for cremation and that is exactly what this cremà is during the Fallas in Valencia. The 19th of March is the day on which the patron saint San Joseph gets honored and it is also the last day of the Fallas. On this day, all the Fallas that have been worked on for a long period of time go up in flames.

Before the cremà, the extravaganza is being kicked off with the Cabalgata del Fuego. The actual cremà starts at 22:00 with the burning of the Fallas infantiles, which are the children’s Fallas. At 22:30, the falla infantil that has won the first prize gets burned and at 23:00 it is time for the children’s Falla that is located at Plaza Ayuntamiento to get burned.

At 00:00, they start to ‘cremate’ the big monuments. Half an hour later, they give the first prize to the best falla and at 01:30, after a big firework display, the last falla that one can find at Plaza Ayuntamiento, will be burned as well.

This night is usually a very sad night for the Falleros and especially for the Falleras Mayores, as their ‘power’ comes to an end. While the Fallas go up in flames, the falleras cry even though in Valencia it is known that the end of the Fallas also means that it is the beginning of the Fallas of the next year which is a reason for joy.