Skatepark locations in the Turia, Valencia #Valenciaskate #skateboardingvalencia

The Turia in Valencia is arguably the most popular attraction for tourists and locals. Among many activities like yoga, running, cultural activities and concerts skateboarding is very accessible. Skateparks in the turia are equipped with rails, half pipes and sheer epic-ness. Great locations for shooting and better for training.

There are not too many Skateparks in the Turia, Valencia we recommend checking above the Alameda metro station, and at the city of arts and sciences, otherwise head to Skateplaza Valencia or Skatepark Gulliver.

If you hear about other parks outside of the Turia that are noteworthy, or would like one of your photos featured contact us and we will see about adding them.

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ValenciaSkateSkating in Valencia

Skatepark Gulliver has curved walls for grinding, rails, incline ramps and more. Skatepark Gulliver is also very close to the oceanographic – hands down a great spot for kick flips, nose grinds and fakies.

Skateplaza Valencia is Guilliver’s little brother when it comes to skateparks in Valencia. Let your imagination fly here on various grinds, rails, and an incline ramp for some air time.