Built by Knights Templar and home to the late pope Benedict XIII, Peniscola Castle is a wonderful location for a day trip away from Valencia

Peniscola Castle is an absolutely stunning location for sight seeing, cultural, hiking. Rich history, beautiful scenery and easily accessible. We would highly recommend combining a day trip to discover Peniscola with a trip to Morella.

Peniscola Castle has held deep history for the people of Valencia dating back to the Knights Templar, and being home to Pope Benedict XIII. Peniscola Castle is located on the ridges of Peniscola a city near Castellón North of Valencia.


Peniscola town has survived an incredible amount of history. In its time, it has been under the rule of the Phoenicians, taken by the Greeks,  conquered by the Carthaginians, and more. Built by the Knights Templar the Peniscola Castle, rose above an overthrown Arab citadel.  In the early 1400s the castle became a library and residency during the papcy of (anti)Pope Benedict XIII.

As of late the Peniscola Castle has opened its gates for cultural, religious, and other theatrical events. It has become a hub of Valencian arts and culture welcoming people all over Spain and the rest of the world. Daily agendas can be found on the Peniscola Castle official website – castillodepeniscola.es

General entrance fees to Peniscola Castle are 5 euros. Keep in mind that although we are in Spain you will most likely come across Valenciano, not Spanish (and not Catalan).

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