The Valencia taxi is at your disposal! Here you'll find the minimum taxi fare for morning and evening taxis. Visit Valencia and use the different modes of transportation in Valencia!

valencia-taxiThe Valencia taxi is another means of vehicular transport in Valencia. In some cases utilizing the Valencia taxi can be faster and more convenient for getting around town.

Valencia has several taxis companies and finding one is quite easy. Valencia taxis are white and have a green light on the roof of the car indicating that they are free; if the light is red, then the taxi is occupied.To hail one, simply make a gesture with you hand. For long distances, you must make a reservation in one of the enterprises by calling their number.

Valencia taxi prices have different minimums depending on the time. The minimum day fare for taxis run at 4 euros while the minimum night fare is 6 euros.

Very few taxis accept credit cards so it’s best to have cash to cover your fare.

Taxis are also great for Valencia transfers from the airport. The price for a taxi from Valencia airport to the city center is about 20 euros.